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Speaker: Amandeep Thind
Leader Trainer for World #1 Public Speaker Tony Robbins

Speak like a Leader!


Workshop Starts on Jan 6th & 7th, 2024
7.00 PM - 9.00 PM IST

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  • Trained Over 10,000 People
  • 2 Hours/Day Training
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“This workshop was a complete game changer for me, as I realised why I have been stuck and where I could actually go now. It’s 100% empowering, motivating and result-driven trainingfor anyone wishing to go to next level in career

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Kavita Batra

This Workshop Can Be Life-Changing For You, If…

  • You are stuck in career ladder because of poor communication/presentation skills
  • You want to speak with more authority to your team, your boss and your clients/stakeholders
  • You want to formulate and articulate your ideas with clarity, precision and power and get them accepted
  • You want to run meetings, lead zoom calls, manage projects, convince stakeholders/ clients effortlessly
  • You want to overcome nervousness when delivering presentation and answering Q & A from management/clients
  • You want to have total clarity, confidence and credibility while you talk so that people take notice and show you respect
  • You want to address a big team/boss/executive panel without the fear of others judging you on your level of experience
  • You want to be taken seriously and looked up as an expert in your workplace or industry


Here’s Your Perfect Roadmap to ‘Speak2Shine’ in Your Workplace/Industry

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Meet your Coach

Amandeep Thind is an incredibly charismatic and energetic personality who is on a mission of empowering people.

He is prominent for his simple yet powerful and experiential techniques.

Collaboration with the world renowned trainers, he is the lead trainer for Tony Robbins.

A-Man-Deep manifests that “Humans are born with Brilliance”.

In light of which, he has created a very unique system of his own with his charm and proven ability to train the people to discover their brilliance and live their lives to the fullest.

He has touched more than thousand lives of the people in designing the life of their dream.


  • ​Find out the​ real obstacles that are holding you back from speaking up
  • ​Discover your powerful & impactful voice and the ways to use it to speed up your career growth
  • ​Feel confident and sure of yourself when running meetings, giving presentations or taking questions from your team
  • ​Impress your boss/interview board with your well-articulated ideas
  • ​Speak with clarity, confidence and credibility to impress & convince others
  • ​Gain respect from colleagues, management, clients and stakeholders
  • ​Speak spontaneously & yet effectively with no second guessing

10,000 + People Love Our Workshop for the Great Results They Get.

Check Out What They Feel

Amandeep Workshops & live sessions helped us to overcome our stage fear & hesitation

- Kavita Batra

Working with Amandeep helped me develop my speaking skills & gain confidence.

- Navanita Dev

I have done a lot of classes before but all of them combined can not match what I learned from Amandeep

- Dhritiman Chakraborty

I was suprised how much my communication skills have grown through Amandeep teaching way and style

- Rishabh Marathe

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  • ​Craft your Unique Story to connect deeper with your audience
  • ​Overcome your Stage Fear and Find your voice

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  • ​2-Day Live Online Workshop
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  • ​2 Hours/Day Training
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  • ​Build Impact & Authority
  • ​Build Confidence, Clarity & Credibility
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I get the link to attend the program?

The link will be provided to you a few days before the program commences on your phone number and your email.

Why does this program cost only ₹299?

The fee is just to make sure to get a commitment from you that you will be there. It is not about the value of the program. You can understand the true value of the program only after attending the workshop.

Who can attend this program?

Anyone who wants to change their life no matter how old they are and what they do can attend this program and get the most out of it.

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