Learn Exactly How I made ₹80 Crore / $10.7 Million Business, Using My Communication Skills and how you can replicate it effortlessly

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Learn How To Become a Highly Paid Public Speaker Earning 6-7 Figures Income On a Regular Basis By Sharing Your Knowledge Or Experience With Others

Speaker: Amandeep Thind, Lead Trainer for Tony Robbins Workshop

Venue: IBIS Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi

Date: 2nd April 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

International Trainer | Author | Entrepreneur | Lead Trainer For Tony Robbins Workshops | Mentor

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Overcome My Stage Fear & Hesitation

Amandeep Workshops & live sessions are so engaging, empowering, inspiring and motivating. He helped us to overcome our stage fear & hesitation

- Kavita Batra

A Live Event Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Interaction With Trainer Amandeep Thind

Games, Music & Mental Activities

100% Money-Back

Hi-Tea, Lunch, and Snacks

On-Stage Challenges

Off Stage Challenges

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Who Is This Event For?

Anyone who is interested to learn about Public Speaking & how to use speaking skills to achieve financial freedom.

Aspiring Public Speakers

Lecturers & Teachers

Public Speaker

Managers & Team Leaders

Content Creators

College Students


Sales Executive

Coaches and Trainers

Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Why should you join this GRAND EVENT?

Have a look at what you are going to learn in order to become a highly paid public speaker & get a healthy financial life...

How To Discover A Profitable Niche

The quickest way to find a profitable niche and overtake everyone else and jump straight into the #1 position before your competition even knows what's happening.

  • How to Get find your super-niche
  • ​Answer these questions and find your niche

How To Build A Personal Brand

The Powerful Strategy of Personal Brand Building- all of which you can adapt to your own. The easiest and most guaranteed way so that you can build a personal brand for yourself and enjoy a lifetime reputation!

  • ​How to set up a basic studio on your own
  • ​ 3Ps to overcome stage & camera Fear
  • ​ Important things to keep in mind while speaking.
  • ​ Webinar pyramid method- How to start your speaking and keep people interested

How To Create Unique And Valuable Content That Sells

Revolutionary way of content creation that you can use to generate hundreds of unique & valuable content pieces in NO time, and so you can get tons of sales easily.

  • ​ How to build authority and position as an expert
  • ​ How to build valuable and unique content
  • ​ How to keep people engaged till the end
  • ​ How to close people and sell high ticket products or services effortlessly

How To Get The Mindset of a World-Class Speaker

Dominate your audience and create an invisible field of magnetism that very few people can resist by adopting the right mindset.

  • ​ How does a trainer think
  • ​ How to focus on limited but important things
  • ​ Things you should keep in mind for life
  • ​ How to keep reprogramming yourself to have a new mindset and be aware.

How To Speak Effortlessly Without Using A Script

The amazingly simple steps you must take now to avoid fumbling while speaking and master any scripts like a professional actor.

  • ​Why you don’t need a script to give a structured high-level performance
  • ​ What are the different stages of learning and how to master it
  • ​ How to learn quickly, get experience and create your speech from it

How To Launch Your First Event

A complete, step-by-step guide to create your first-ever event in the least amount of time. I'll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

  • ​ How to find your passion and purpose to know the topic
  • ​ The correct way to Invest time and gain mastery
  • ​ How to find the right mentor.
  • ​ How to get constructive feedback and implement them for improvement

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-


  • ​Attend the First Ever Grand LIVE Event happening in Delhi.
  • ​Get a Unique Learn Experience With Games and Stage Challenges, That Is Not Possible to Get Online.
  • ​Meet Amandeep Thind in Real-Life.


₹ 9999

Venue- IBIS Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi


  • ​How To Discover A Profitable Niche
  • ​How To Build A Personal Brand
  • ​How To Create Unique And Valuable Content That Sells
  • ​How To Get The Mindset of a World-Class Speaker
  • ​How To Speak Effortlessly Without Using A Script
  • ​How To Launch Your First Event


  • ​1-on-1 Interaction With The Trainer
  • ​Share The Stage With Amandeep Thind
  • ​Off Stage Games, Activities and Fun Challenges
  • ​Hi-Tea, Lunch, and Evening Snacks
  • ​100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • ​Chance to Win 4 Book Package
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Meet Your Host & Coach For The Event

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Amandeep Thind

From One Room Apartment to Becoming a World-Class Highly Paid Public Speaker

Fast forward to today… I am now a highly paid speaker, who has been able to teach and mentor thousands of students.


If I can and my students can, so can you!

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Here is my Honest Promise To You

“ By the end of this workshop, you’ll increase your value as a professional by brilliantly presenting your own powerful programs that will leave your audiences wowed. You will receive a fail-proof template that you can use to create any presentation for any industry and leave your audience asking for more as a result of more sales.”

- Amandeep Thind

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Some Reactions From People Who Have Heard Amandeep Before

Amandeep Workshops & live sessions helped us to overcome our stage fear & hesitation

- Kavita Batra

Working with Amandeep helped me develop my speaking skills & gain confidence.

- Navanita Dev

I have done a lot of classes before but all of them combined can not match what I learned from Amandeep

- Dhritiman Chakraborty

I was surprised how much my communication skills have grown through Amandeep teaching way and style

- Rishabh Marathe

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Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Why You Should Not Miss This 'Once In A Year’ Grand Event

  • ​To remove the fear of speaking & presentation
  • ​To master the body language to exhibit power and confidence
  • ​To unlock the true communication ability to present yourself with more clarity
  • ​To make the presentation more effective, memorable & invincible.
  • ​To learn the state management for your audience to channelize the energy in the room.

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does the Delhi Live Event take place?

Venue - IBIS Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi

Timings -
2nd April 2023, 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Is it online or offline?

You can attend the event physically at New Delhi.

Will you be sharing recordings?

No, we won't be sharing any recordings. Recordings of a live session will not be available. 

When will I receive the Bonus?

The Bonuses with the respective tickets will be provided at the event itself.

I made the payment but didn't receive any confirmation email.

Write to and our awesome support team will solve your queries in the fastest time possible.

What is the time zone?

IST(Indian Standard Time).

Filling Fast. Only 9 Spots Remaining Out of 100 Seats/-